BIO-BAY TOUR (Fajardo)

BIO-BAY TOUR (Fajardo)

Bio Bay / Laguna Grande Kayak Tour Description
Kayaking to entrance bio bay tour puerto rico
The Bioluminescent Adventure begins!
Once-in-a-Lifetime Bioluminescent Experience!
At the prescribed time, we meet on the beach of “Las Croabas”, a small fishing village located on the extreme northeastern tip of Puerto Rico. Your Eco Adventure guides call the group of Kayakers together for a briefing session covering basic kayak handling, rules of the road and the importance of keeping to a minimum any disturbance of the pristine environment of the bioluminescent lagoon.

Hidden Entrance in the Mangrove
Then we launch our kayaks and head for a hidden opening in the mangroves at the northern end of the beach. Upon entering the mangroves, we follow a channel for a mile that leads to the “Laguna Grande”.

mangroove trees of laguna grande
Mangrove trees provide nutrients for the glowing plankton
Inside “Las Cabezas de San Juan” Nature Preserve
Leaving the channel and entering the lagoon, by itself, is a breathtaking experience! A wide expanse of gentle, rippling water surrounded by mangrove forests greet the adventurer, the mountains of the “El Yunque” Rainforest tower in the distance — a profound tranquility envelopes all who enter!

The Glow of Bioluminescence!
But the best is yet to come! Your guides call the flotilla together for an informative talk about several topics: this unique ecosystem, the flora, fauna and sea life that inhabits the lagoon, historical notes of interest such as the Fajardo Lighthouse, built by the Spanish in the 19th century, and of course the incredible natural phenomenon that we’re here for – the shimmering glow of bioluminescence as you dip your paddles and glide through the sparkling water — an amazing unique experience only found in 3 places on earth! To book for this tour go to

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