Puerto Rico Archbishop

Puerto Rico Archbishop Calls for End to Colonial Status

Puerto Rico’s Roman Catholic Archbishop, Roberto González Nieves OFM has announced his support for Puerto Rico’s debt crisis legislation, according to a press release issued by Jubilee USA Network.
5 Ways the US Treats Puerto Rico Like a Colony
In an op-ed in The Hill, Archbishop Gonzalez … …

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Puerto Rico Marijuana

Puerto Rico governor wants marijuana legalized

Puerto Rico’s Governor, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, has made the call for the legalization of marijuana in Puerto Rico. He claims that by doing so there would be a result of lower crime on the island. The governor is requesting legislators to approve a bill … …

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Guantanamo Detainees

Move Guantanamo Prisoners to Puerto Rico?

The Fiscal Times released an article in which they offer the idea of a unique opportunity for the island of Puerto Rico. Due to the costly measure to shift the detainees from Guantanamo Bay to the mainland US, coupled with the economic problems in … …

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Bacardi - Puerto Rico

Bacardi Group goes 100% solar at Puerto Rico Headquarters

Kyocera Solar Inc. and installer Dynamic Solar Solutions have installed 24.75 kilowatts of solar modules atop the Emilio Bacardi Group headquarters in San Juan, Puerto Rico, making the building 100% solar. The system will produce 34,533 kilowatt hours annually and will pay for itself in … …

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Puerto Rico and United States Elections

Puerto Ricans consider a future under new governor and new president

(Story from caribbeannewsnow.com)
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — On November 8, the pro-statehood candidate Ricardo Rosselló was declared the winner of Puerto Rico’s elections. Rosselló has conservative views similar to those of US President-elect Donald Trump, and Puerto Rican human rights activists wonder how his administration’s … …

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Puerto Rico Surfing

Puerto Rico Needs Our Help

(Story from SurfingMagazine.com)
The movement to save Puerto Rico’s wildlife ecosystem and surf breaks at Playuela is gaining a lot of steam, but they still need our help. A petition has been created in order to convince local lawmakers that the Christopher Columbus Landing Resort would … …

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Three Kings Day Puerto Rico

Discovering the magic of Three Kings Day, from Puerto Rico to the US

(Story from Quartz)
In Puerto Rico, Christmas is merely the midpoint of the holiday season. It extends through Jan. 6 — the 12th day of Christmas— which is known as El Día de Los Reyes or Three Kings Day.
Three Kings Day commemorates the biblical journey of … …

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Florida Senator Marco Rubio - Puerto Rico

Marco Rubio EMPLEO Act aims to increase hiring in Puerto Rico

(Story from Orlando Politics)
On Tuesday, Florida Senator Marco Rubio introduced the the Economic Mobility for Productive Livelihoods and Expanding Opportunity or EMPLEO Act, which aims to help grow Puerto Rico’s economy by making it easier for employers to hire workers and giving every American on … …

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